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Animal Farm & 1984
George Orwell, Christopher Hitchens

Entry Seven

1984 again

This book is so good! It's taking me a very long time to get through it because I really really don't want to miss anything. Winston is getting progressively apprehensive about Big Brother and the society in which he lives. He's had his doubts about the rigid regime of BB and now he's starting to perform little acts of rebellion, like right where I'm at in the book, he's wandering through the proles district which could be very dangerous for him. The life and society of the proles really intrigue Winston. 

Winston is also becoming more and more aware of the people around him. He predicts who he thinks will be vaporized in the near future and who are brainless enough to stick around. In this part, he reminds me of Holden Caulfield calling everyone phonies.