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Entry Five

Since the last book blog we were assigned, I've read three books. The first was queen Amy Poehler's book Yes Please, and the title coincidentally describes how I felt toward the novel. It's a collection of narratives and short essays of Poehler's life and is as quick-witted and real as the author is. She shares experiences of living in Chicago, founding UCB Theatre in New York, her time spent on SNL, and her life as a single mother. I really liked her writing style because it was very honest. She didn't beat around the bush at all, which I really appreciate from authors. Yes Please is now out on audiobook and I can't wait to listen to it because as a listener, you can hear exactly how Amy Poehler intended every line to be delivered. Overall feelings on this book: Yes Please!

The second book I read was also an autobiography from one of my favorite comedians. I read Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman, who famously plays the stone-faced Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Much like his character, Offerman values hard work, honesty, and general human decency above all else. In his book, he frequently teaches the readers lessons on, pardon my French, how not to be a complete asshole in daily interaction. Offerman also expresses his passion for woodworking, and encourages everyone to find a true passion in life and practice it as often as possible, even if it's not a career. He also talked a lot about his wife, fellow actor Megan Mullaly, and I'm convinced they have the most beautiful of all relationships. It was a very inspiring read. 

Thirdly, I read Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. It was my first book by Vonnegut and I've been wanting to read his work for a while. I just wish I had read the book in a shorter amount of time, because I unfortunately didn't have a chance to read much outside of class and I didn't really get the flow of the novel. I'll read some more by the author and try Cat's Cradle again down the road because I honestly really liked the book, I just didn't totally comprehend it.