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Animal Farm & 1984
George Orwell, Christopher Hitchens

Entry Eight

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Okay, Winston is getting really tired of all this Big Brother nonsense. His rebelliousness is getting ready to boil over, like a teenager who's on house arrest for the weekend. Winston is starting to sneak out of his normal routine. He went down to the prole district, which is highly unusual for a party member. I liked the part when he visited the antique store, because I'm an antique-er myself and if I were living in this world, that antique shop would be where I would like to spend my time. Winston has also noticed this girl who has been watching him for quite some time. He thought she was a part of the Thought Police and was going to be the death of him, but it turns out that she was simply a secret admirer. Love is in the air! More specifically, love is in a remote grassy knoll secluded by trees and far out of earshot of Big Brother, because that's the only place the pair can go without raising suspicion.